Burning Rubber Paste


Method - EndpointEffect
POST / data=foo
Pastebin foo
PUT /id data=foo
Write foo into /id. Collisions disallowed. If a POST id coincides with your PUT content, it will be overwritten.
GET /id
Read paste with ID "id"
GET /id/raw
Get the raw contents of paste with ID "id"
GET /id/lang
Read paste with ID "id", and highlight it as "lang"


http -f https://brpaste.example.com data=@file.txt
http -f https://brpaste.example.com data=abcd
http -f PUT https://brpaste.example.com/myPaste data=contents
http https://brpaste.example.com/some_id/raw
xdg-open https://brpaste.example.com/some_id/cpp

Paste from a browser